Mighty Warrior – Your Wounds

By April Poynter

When I think of a mighty warrior, I think of a rugged, strong, relentless person. I think of a person who has been through some stuff. Can you see the image? A person who has ran, crawled, climbed, fought, and prevailed.

When you have been through some stuff you wind up with some cuts and bruises. Sometimes you wind up with deep wounds. Do you have battle wounds? Are they healing or are they still open and infected?

Often times we let our wounds define us. We get so focused on the pain that it’s easy to get stuck. It’s easy to let our hope sink into the pain.

Instead of being a victim and allowing the wounds to drive our feelings and emotions, what if our wounds start shouting Hallelujah?! What if our wounds start proclaiming the Truth of God?!

We don’t deny that we’ve been hurt. We don’t deny that there are moments in life that just flat out suck – but we don’t stay there. What can God do with a warrior who is bleeding out all over the place?

God needs healed, mighty warriors. You are a mighty warrior of God, sister!   It’s time for your wounds to cry out to God. It’s time for you to surrender those hurts to God and let him heal you.

The scars remain but they contain beauty. They are part of your story. They reveal the glory of God and his handiwork in your life.

Are your wounds infected or are they crying hallelujah? It’s your choice. Today is the day for a turn around. Stand up, you mighty warrior of God, and press forward.

Check out April’s official blog site at www.poynterjourney.wordpress.com
And her official Facebook page ‘Point Her Journey’  www.facebook.com/pointherjourney/?fref=ts

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